Now accepting NHA registrations for 2020 Spring Semester.
Learning Zone is accepting requests to be added to the wait list.

Learning Zone is for preK - 5th grade.

New Horizons Academy is for grades 5 - 12.

Mission Statement

The academic centers are designed to give parents assistance with core and elective classes in the middle and high school years. We function with a "university style" model. Students attend classes one day each week and are given assignments to complete daily. This is an environment where instructors join with parents for the purpose of educating their children in an accelerated, independent fashion.

The academic centers are cooperatives of teachers who serve as facilitators in the homeschooling experience.  Our courses are not meant to replace daily instruction from the parents. We expect that parents will work with their students on assignments on a daily basis.  We believe that the academic centers model will not work for some students. However, for the students it is designed to serve, we believe it is an excellent option.

Through years of experience, we have found that certain students do poorly with a "university model" environment and would get a superior education through other alternatives. The academic centers are not suited for students who have had trouble with motivation, study habits, academic performance or attitude but are excellent opportunities for those with special academic needs, such as gifted/talented, in sports/equestrian training, or other extra-curricular pursuits that require flexible schooling options.

Where and When:

We meet at Tates Creek Christian Church, Mondays 9 am - 4 pm.

Mailing Address: PO Box 23522, Lexington KY 40523-3522

Open House Dates:

June 21 & July 29, 6:30-8 pm

Tates Creek Christian Church

2019-2020 Calendar

Fall Semester: Aug. 19 - Dec. 16*

Labor Day Holiday: Sept. 2

Thanksgiving Holiday: Dec. 2

* Learning Zone takes off the entire month of December
LZ Last Day Fall Semester: Nov. 25

Spring Semester: Jan. 6 - Apr. 27
Spring Break: Mar. 16
Testing: May 4-7

Severe Weather Policy

Generally, CHEB Academic Centers will follow the closings for Fayette County Public Schools.  If Fayette County Schools are open or are running on a delay, CHEB Academic Centers will meet.  If there is a delay, early morning classes for NHA may be cancelled.  If CHEB will not meet, an email will be sent early the morning of classes, and a notice will be placed on our Facebook page.